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Why Choose Docufilings?

We believe that you deserve a knowledgeable document preparation consultant to guide you on procedures, especially if you are financially-challenged or under a tight budget.  And if your case is too complex and more than what we could handle, we will refer you to an attorney or assist you in selecting one.  We know that you have many choices in selecting your service provider.  By combining online workflow convenience with personal consultant-to-client relationship through our on-site centers, we believe we deliver the best possible value. Here are other reasons why you should choose DocuFilings.

We are there all the way

Our team of document experts shall guide you throughout your filing process from start to finish.  We browse through and screen your documents for completeness and accuracy, ensuring that your document is free from error so that your filing is concluded successfully.

We make it simple, quick, and easy

We are in the process of launching a web-based software that makes it convenient for you to enter information ahead of your appointment. That means there are no unnecessary delay when filling up the forms you select for us to do. When you step into one of our on-site centers, your information and case is already pulled ready to be processed.

We ensure privacy and security

We keep your details and legal documents stored electronically and in a secure location. Our document preparers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with a strict promise to retain the privacy and confidentiality that our clients demand.

There are NO hidden charges

Before our clients engage our services, fees are disclosed and payment terms have to be acceptable. Not only are we bound by law to disclose our fees initially, we faithfully practice it because it is just the right thing to do.

We leverage technology to the max

Technology is in our DNA. Our service centers are equipped to take payments via Square. With Square, we are able to accept credit card payments anywhere we service our clients. We are able to confer virtually via Skype or Google +, so you don't waste your time in traffic and also save gas from your commute.   

Our document processing workflow and management is cloud-based, which means our data is backed-up, never lost, and secured by our data services provider.  Our goal is to use technology to be more efficient with our business so we could pass on those cost savings right to you.

We stand by our pledge of "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

We know that our success ultimately depends on you, our clients, and what you think of our service.

We are passionate about Social Entrepreneurship

Providing valuable services to our clients regardless of their financial disposition is our priority. Likewise, social entrepreneurship serves as our core business driver and motivation.  We loan and invest funds to micro-entrepreneurs through Kiva.  We allocate 10% of our profits to social causes, such as Project PEARLS.  

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