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Adjustment of Status

Adjusting Your Status Using Immigration Consultant

You can file for Adjustment of Status (I-458) while residing in the US if you wish to change your status from non-immigrant or parolee to immigrant. You must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible for adjustment, as well as follow certain procedures to obtain a green card.

Eligibility for I-485 requires a current priority date while you are in the US. Other categories that must be met include:

  1. You have an approved or existing family based immigrant visa petition. 
  2. You have an approved or existing employment based immigrant visa petition 
  3. You have a K-1 fiancè(e) Visa and got married in the US within 90 days upon entry; if you are a child who accompanied your parent with a K-2 visa, you may apply for status adjustment in conjunction with your parents’ status. 
  4. You have stayed in the US as an asylee/refugee for at least a year after being granted asylee/refugee status, still qualify for asylee/refugee status, or you are the child or spouse of one who holds such status. 
  5. You won the Green Card Lottery. 
  6. You have been living continuously in the US since before January 1, 1972. 
  7. You are a native/citizen of Cuba given admission or paroled in the US after January 1, 1972, and has been physically present in the US for a minimum of 1 year; or 
  8. You are the spouse/unmarried child of a Cuban as described above and were admitted/paroled after January 1, 1972, and afterwhich you remained physically present in the US for at least 1 year; or 
  9. You were granted permanent US residency before November 6, 1966, a native/citizen of Cuba, a spouse or unmarried minor child of one;

If you require our assistance to your Adjustment of Status petition, please click on the “Pricing” tab to inform you of our estimated fees. 

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Service Description Approximate Pricing  

Adjustment of Status

$299 per person Get Started

Affidavit of Support

$199 per person (additional fees may apply) Get Started
Removal of Condition $249 per person Get Started

Processing of extra documentation for Affidavit of Support

Additional $350 Get Started

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